Cuba offers free medical school to Black and Latino Americans:

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Carifesta In Haiti

Carifesta takes place in Haiti this year! Based on this video, hosting this years Carifesta event is a great boost for the Haitian economy. “The Carifesta celebrations which we are about to enjoy, first took place in this post-independence format in Guyana in 1972. However, the very first celebration of Caribbean Arts had taken place twenty years prior in Puerto Rico in 1952. Only Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica were represented from among the then British Caribbean Colonies.”

Here are some  video clips about the festival.

  1.  Video from Ministere du Tourisme Haiti 
  2. Tourifesta Part 1 Official
  3. Tourifesta Part 2
  4. Carifesta XII Sites in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

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According to Haiti is once again rising the ranks of vacation hotspots. They are currently ranked number 7 for the 1st semester of 2015.


7 things Americans should know about travel to Cuba


According to Patrick Oppmann of CNN, “While traveling to Cuba is still a hassle and legally murky, many U.S. travelers think now is the time to come.  Cuba is experiencing a boom in visitors from the United States and from other countries, who want to see Cuba before the island becomes too ‘Americanized.’  That’s probably a long way off from happening since the Cuban government is resisting any major changes to the island’s political system and state-controlled economy.  And there’s always the possibility that the next U.S. president could roll back many of the changes enacted by Obama.Still, a visitor coming to Cuba will witness a long misunderstood island in the midst of an exciting and long-awaited transition.”

Below are the 7 questions you should ask yourself about traveling to Cuba, according to Patrick Oppmann of CNN:

1. How can Americans legally visit Cuba?

2. What’s still off-limits?

3. Is getting to Cuba from the U.S. easier?

4. How about once I get to Cuba?

5. How do I make sure my visit helps the Cuban people?

6. How many Cuban cigars can I bring back?

7. Is now the time to go?

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