December 2, 2015

Mickael Guirand Quits Carimi for Personal Reasons!

According to Kompa Magazine Mickael Guirand of Carimi has Allegedly quit the band for personal reasons.


 “Hey Pat,  

Effective immediately…. For personal reasons i’m gonna step away from the stage as carimi main singer… This is not really something i wish to go into details with the fans and the media right now, it’s imperative that I get some time off now…  Management is aware and will probably follow w a statement that clarifies the direction of the band moving foward…
Our loyal fans might be disappointed but this was not an easy decision specially when I have been reliable for the pass 14 years. I hope you guys understand the sacrifice that comes w being a musician specially in the haitian music industry..

Hope to see you guys soon…

Gob Bless
Mickael Guirand

PS: Sorry bro to drop it on you like that.. its been a pleasure…” Text source , Photo Source

According to Ayitibiyografi this decision may not be final. My source also revealed that this decision may be in fact a personal one for Mike. I was told that the singer never got over some of the family issues that he’s had in the past because of his commitment to Carimi.” Text Source

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September 17, 2015

Spotlight Thursday: featuring Nadine Garçon of J’ESPÈRE

JESPÈRE™ |Haitian Flag Halter
JESPÈRE™ |Haitian Flag Halter

In celebration of fashion week 2016, we caught up with Nadine Garçon of J’ESPÈRE.  Nadine is an up and coming Haitian American fashionista and the founder of J’espère™ clothing line.  According to Nadine, “J’espère™ currently features chic simplistic garments with an urban twist from pinstriped denim vests to plaid bralettes, revamping current trends while setting new ones.” Checkout sample pieces from Nadine’s clothing line below as well as our full interview with her.

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“Beyoncé Just Introduced All 43 Million Of Her Instagram Followers To Ibeyi”

August 14 2015

Beyoncé just introduced all 43 million of her Instagram followers to 20-year-old French-Cuban twins Ibeyi (though we’re sure more than a few of those 43 million were already hip to the Díaz sisters and their stunning debut album). Last night, B teased a short clip from a video that Vogue posted yesterday in an article announcing Beyoncé’s September issue cover story. Though the original footage is set to what sounds like a warped vintage French record, the Instagram post features an excerpt from “River,” Ibeyi’s dedication to the goddess Oshun (and one of our Top Tracks of 2014).”

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Videoclip of Ibeyi:

“Tango Negro: The African Roots of Tango


“Ever wonder about the history of Tango?

It’s not really the dance craze that defines our generation. We tend to think of it as one of those “exotic” dances that we may see featured on Dancing With The Stars. However, there is a real history to tango that can be linked back to the days of slavery………..

Tango Negro: The African Roots of Tango is playing in New York City at Mist in Harlem from August 14th-20th. It also has a theatrical run in Chicago on 8/14 and will screen in Washington D.C. on 8/23.”

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“Famed Cuban actress Alina Rodriguez dies”

“Actress Alina Rodriguez, one of Cuba’s top stars of stage and screen, died after a long struggle against cancer, official media reported Tuesday. She was 63.”

July 28, 2015


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“Top Chef Ron Duprat & Author Edwidge Danticat Headline 20th Anniversary Celebration of Lambi Fund of Haiti”

July 27, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 2.19.42 PM

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“Donald Trump ten cuidado con el Chapo”

Pitbull Sends a controversial message to Donald trump!    —   July 17 2015

pitbull awards 2015

Last night Pitbull was truly the man of the hour when he made the following remarks to Donald Trump while receiving his award, by first giving a shout-out to Miami-Dade county, 305 and thanking all of the Latin artists who were nominated and opened doors/paved the way and that keeps the Latin movement going:

“Now that I have the microphone, give me a minute. I would like to say many thanks to this guy who has invited to me to dinner in his hotels, who has flown me in his helicopter and I’ve also stayed in his hotels. & honestly, I really had a different view about this person, and this person turns out to be Donald Trump. I would like him to know that I’m not a politician, I’m a musician but more than anything else I am a Latino! So to all of the outside world (outside culture),  I want to say to Marco Rubio step up your game, Jet bush step up your game, Hillary Clinton step up your game, because Donald Trump can not be President! And to all the Latinos & outside world, always moving up and forward! & Donald Trump Beware of El Chapo, Babo (slime)!!!!”

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Univision: “Pitbull manda controversial mensaje a Donald Trump ¡Momento de la noche! Pitbull fue el primer galardonado en Premios Juventud 2015 y en su discurso advirtió a Donald Trump cuidarse del Chapo Guzmán.”

Watch the full clip here

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