Eli is the owner and founder of Elishama Designs, an online clothing company that specializes in bow ties.  Always having had an interest in bow ties and fashion, Eli learned how to make bow ties through trial and error, and much practice. He first began producing them in September 2012.  He pushed himself to explore what was available to him in local fabric stores and researched the different types of fabrics that were out there, in order to determine if he could convert his ideas into a brand. Eli states, “I’ve dreamed about the designs I would like to include in my collection before sketching anything or attempting to create one.”   As he dug deeper into developing Elishama Designs, he had the joy of being able to serve as a brand ambassador. This was due to the recognition he obtained for the ties he created and wore.  It was soon after obtaining an abundance of recognition for his unique style, that his clientele began to grow. Elishama Designs has been steadily growing in Boston Massachusetts ever since. Eli continues to push his company even further with hopes of transforming this brand into a high-end retail company.

Here are some of Eli’s most popular pieces.  These are all available on his website, elishamadesigns.com .

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In addition to being an up and coming fashion Icon, Eli is a well-known social media personality.  He is famous for his comedy page “The Truth Hurts”.  This is a comedy page that really pushes the envelope and can even be very controversial at times.  Eli feels inspired to educate others and discuss debatable topics while adding satire to the mix. This approach is used by Eli in order to reach more individuals by giving them something to laugh about.  He also feels compelled and driven to speak his mind through his short comedy skits whether they offend or irritate some. This determination comes from his drive to tell “The Truth”, as he puts it, by any means necessary, hence the name “The Truth Hurts”.  This week we caught up with Eli and got an exclusive interview with the mystery man himself.   Check out the full interview below to learn more about the multidimensional aspects of Eli!

Interview with the Mystery man

Websites: www.facebook.com/EliTheTruth &  elishamadesigns.com

Upcoming Projects: www.gofundme.com/eli-thetruthhurts

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