“Marie Jocelyne”

Marie Jocelyne, was a song written and performed by renown Haitian artist Coupé Cloué, also known as Jean Gesner Henry. Coupé Cloué has not only helped form Haitian music but has influenced various music genres worldwide. Below, I have included the original song by Coupé Cloué as well as the remake of the song by 5Lan, a current and popular Haitian group.

Coupe Cloue

Coupé Cloué: “Jean Gesner Henry (May 10, 1925 – January 29, 1998), popularly known as Coupé Cloué, was a Haïtian footballer, singer, guitarist, and bandleader. He was known for defining a style of Haitian compas music he called kompa mamba, and for the sometimes bawdy innuendo used in his songs. During his career, he was one of Haïti’s most prominent musicians, and found much success in West Africa as well.” Source

Marie Jocelyne: original vs. remake


Coupé Cloué – Marie Jocelyne


5Lan – Danse Coupe (Hommage a coupe Cloue)

BAND: 5Lan  SONG: Danse Coupe Adaptation Coupe Cloue “Marie Jocelyne” COMPOSITOR: Assade Francoeur LEAD VOCAL: Handy Jocirin


So, who did it better? 

While I enjoy the remake of this song, I just can’t part from the original song.  The original “Marie Jocelyne” has a certain “je ne sais quoi” about it that 5Lan was just not able to deliver.  This is perhaps due to their inability to capture the raw and organic sound that old school music like that of Coupé Cloué has or their overload on the computerized beats and lack of actual acoustics/rhythms.  Sometimes less is more and while I think this is a great remake, the original does it more for me!

Sound-off below and let me know what your opinion is about the original vs the remake.

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